Sunday, February 10, 2013

Refleksi Ziarah di Makam Rondahaim

Dalam rangka Pesta Bona Taun Parsadaan Saragih Garingging, Boru, Panogolan diadakan ziarah di Makam Rondahaim, gelar Tuan Na Mabajan (Yang Bengis, karena menyerang semua yang memihak kepada Belanda) di Aman Raya, Kecamatan Raya Kabupaten Simalungun. Refleksi ini adalah monolog dalam Bahasa Simalungun sebagai sumpah menjadikan Rondahaim Pahlawan Nasional di Republik Indonesia.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Diskusi PIKI di STT HKBP Pematangsiantar

RE Nainggolan mengatakan bahwa Amri Tambunan menjanjikan Rekrutmen PNS tanpa uang/Berita SIB

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Memorable travel in Germany 2012-2nd part

John and I at Zugspitze: top of Germany

Cable car going up and down with train

Clara shows the way up the mountain

Bhind the bus: all children
Boat tour in Regensburg
Rock in the river Danube

River Danube

Memory in Danube River

Family Adinugraha

On the boat on the River Danuba
Yasu with her mother Riikka

Dom in Regensburg

Play ground

Museum of xmas ornaments
Rothenburg ob der Taube

Sami and I at Dom Regensburg

Children in Museum of xmas ornaments

Medieval tow of Rothenburg ob der taube
Jokowis supporters in Marienpaltz Munich

Living statue with our children

The living statue support the Jokowis supporter

These are the children, grandchildren and grandgrandchildren of the late couple Walter and Rosa Brueckl who  formerly lived in Bogenhausen Munich

Grand grand children of Brueckl

Christina loves her father

Here played Christina nearly 40 years ago. And now my grand children play here too

Rosa with her beautiful dirndle, a real Bavarian girl, huh?

Grandchildren of Walter and Rosa Brueckl. They missed Tuija in Finland

Riding on a lion at Biergarten

Classmates of Gertrud, nice young ladies

Biergarten Munich

Classmate meeting of 10 ladies

Two friends Clara and Sebastian

Alice and Gianna

Sami and Eeva

Christina and Peter

Rosa and her grand pa in Marienplatz Munich

Greetings from Munich

Rosa is very proud of her dirndl, traditional cloth in Bavaria
2 friends in Legoland Ulm, Bavrian part of Schabenland

Bastian in Legoland
These arre our photos in Rothenburg ob der Taube

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Memorable travel in Germany 2012

After planning long time we could make this travel. To celebrate the 70th birth day of my beloved wife Gertrud Poerba on 19 of July 2012 , we make a journey to Munich where she grew up, at her home town in Bogenhausen.
Arrrriving at Frankfurt Airport: go go go
Arrival in Frankfurt/M On 23rd Juni 2012 our 12-person-traveling-group arrived in Frankfurt/M and was picked up by Family Hartmann, Dr Ulrich and my niece Merly Hartmann. We went by a bus and a VW Sedan to Eschborn, to the house of my old friend Rusdin Smbajak. It was a lovely gathering with the family and my niece Caroline with her husband Arie Kist whoe live in Holland were there too.
Rusdin and I
Rusdin with his wife Ira
Fieke plays a big role, ha ha ha
Rusdins House
Rusdins House
Caroline and I
At garden of Rusdin
Arie and Alice
At the afternoon we went to Schriessheim near Heidelberg to visit my other niece Rina Purba.
Group photo in Schriessheim
Erica with her aunt Christina
It was very funny
In house of Rina
With her and her husband we went to Schloss Heidelberg: a beautiful panorama of Heidelberg and Neckar River in a bright sommer afternoon. In the evening we visit my old friend Sarmen Saragih and his family in Rauenberg near Heidelberg. What a wonderful meeting of all of us together in the beautiful garden. Late afternoon we arrived in Nagold Am Schlossberg where Merly and Uli live. I know this place since long time when I visit them many times. But with all my sieblings, 12 persons plus Caroline and Arie, it was really a full house.
Family photo an Schloss Heidelberg
with my 5 grandchildren
In critical time, an uncle is a big help
Schloss Heidelberg
Rosa posing in Heidelberger Schloss
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Stocherkahn Nagold
On train at Landesgartenschau Nagold
Lost in jungle, behind Hartmanns house
At Hartmanns garden
Beautiful landscape
This canoe (Stocherkahn) belong to the retired Dr Hartmann
Arie Kist and me
Our group at Schlossburg Nagold
Gigi is trained by her father Gidion
Loving couple: Caroline and Arie Kist
Alice with Nagoldi
Two Alices
Nagolder Gardenshow (Landesgartenschau)


Tropenklinik where I stay for a while at DIFAEM (Deutsches Institut Fuer Aerztliche Mission)

My old friend Bosar and his wife Ursula, Yung and his wife Ruth and Toeti with her husband Holger.
Uli and Merly bring us with a mini bus and a car to Munich. afater one day free time we went by a big bus to Rothenburg. Meanwhile our Finnisch relatives arrived in Munich: Eeva, Sonja, Riikka, Sami, Samu and last but not lest Yasu, the brave boy.