Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Memorable travel in Germany 2012-2nd part

John and I at Zugspitze: top of Germany

Cable car going up and down with train

Clara shows the way up the mountain

Bhind the bus: all children
Boat tour in Regensburg
Rock in the river Danube

River Danube

Memory in Danube River

Family Adinugraha

On the boat on the River Danuba
Yasu with her mother Riikka

Dom in Regensburg

Play ground

Museum of xmas ornaments
Rothenburg ob der Taube

Sami and I at Dom Regensburg

Children in Museum of xmas ornaments

Medieval tow of Rothenburg ob der taube
Jokowis supporters in Marienpaltz Munich

Living statue with our children

The living statue support the Jokowis supporter

These are the children, grandchildren and grandgrandchildren of the late couple Walter and Rosa Brueckl who  formerly lived in Bogenhausen Munich

Grand grand children of Brueckl

Christina loves her father

Here played Christina nearly 40 years ago. And now my grand children play here too

Rosa with her beautiful dirndle, a real Bavarian girl, huh?

Grandchildren of Walter and Rosa Brueckl. They missed Tuija in Finland

Riding on a lion at Biergarten

Classmates of Gertrud, nice young ladies

Biergarten Munich

Classmate meeting of 10 ladies

Two friends Clara and Sebastian

Alice and Gianna

Sami and Eeva

Christina and Peter

Rosa and her grand pa in Marienplatz Munich

Greetings from Munich

Rosa is very proud of her dirndl, traditional cloth in Bavaria
2 friends in Legoland Ulm, Bavrian part of Schabenland

Bastian in Legoland
These arre our photos in Rothenburg ob der Taube

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